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About FFT Technologies

FFT Technologies is a science based company and an industry leader in developing powerful, cost-effective products that not only clean the environment but improve it.

The company was founded in 1991 with a simple goal: to develop a world-class set of products that could outperform the competition without harming the environment.   An innovative goal which required a commitment to scientific development, an atmosphere of collaboration, and a willingness to hold the company to the highest standards.  As the science developed it became clear the products could not only surpass industry benchmarks but redefine them.
WastewaterThe first product line offered environmentally friendly solutions for the FOG problem (FAT, OIL, and GREASE) found in municipal wastewater facilities. (The original name of the company was FOG-Free Technologies a nod to our success against FAT, OIL & GREASE)


The original solutions were so effective, the company became – and remains – the preferred provider for some of the largest municipalities.  

The “Fog Free” Wastewater products, unlike most of the competitive products, is ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE, SAFE FOR THE PLANT EMPLOYEEES, and because it is manufactured from 100% plant materials it is A RENEWABLE PRODUCT. 


The aftermath of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, FFT scientists saw a pronounced need for a non-toxic oil dispersant that would do no further damage to already compromised natural resources.  
Oil spil

Using much of the same core technology of the FogFree products that are so successful in the Wastewater industry new products were developed for cleaning oil spills.  FFT Technologies’ products can clean most spills faster returning the spill location to nearly pristine in half the time. Through several successful remediation projects, FFT has earned a reputation for excellence and distinctions including approval as the sole provider of oil dispersant for the nation of Aruba.

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) there are over 100 oil spills in the U.S. every year.  Most of them are cleaned with chemicals which are just about as harmfull as the original oil spill.  FFT’s products are better for the environment and safer for the Golfcrews cleaning up the oil!

FFT Technologies has expanded this core technology further with Industrial Cleaning products, specific products for cleaning and laundry in the oil industry and are now expanding the technology into revolutionary solutions for the Turf market and into the Agriculture. 

FFT-Turf is rolling out products which are non-toxic plant based solutions which support faster growth, healthier plants with no toxic residuals.  

Early testing with some Golf Courses has demonstrated rapid improvements in turf quality and projections are for significant financial savings as well. 

Early testing on crops has shown increased yields around 20% with one test experiencing an increase of 50%.    

About FFT Turf

FFT Turf is part of FFT Technologies, a science based company.

FFT Turf was founded to bring the benefits of FFT's PLANT BASED TECHNOLOGY to the Turf Markets.

Historically, the products and supliments used feed or protect turf have been harmful to humans or the turf itself. FFT Turf's products are an extension of FFT Technologies' products with the simple goal: to develop a world-class set of products that outperform the competition without harming the environment.   An innovative goal which required a commitment to scientific development, an atmosphere of collaboration, and a willingness to hold the company to the highest standards

FFT Turf products work differently, many of them making a visible change to the turf in one to two weeks. FFT Turf products are safe with no harmful residual - after application the course can be used right away.

Using FFT Turf products will provide the lowest total cost of operation



Daimian Bowen Tapped to Head FFT Turf


Daimian Bowen - VP FFT Turf

Daimian has been an agronomy professional for 21 years with involvement in every aspect of the Turf Grass and Golf Course Industry starting with a job during high school involved in the construction of Hombre Golf Club in Panama City Florida. 

daimDaimian attended University of Georgia where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agronomy and Turf Managment. While at UGA, Daimian was fortunate to have the opportunity to intern at Country Club of the South in Atlanta, GA as well as the nationally recognized Augusta National.

During the internship at Augusta, Daimian gained his first experience in preparing a course for a major tournament — Augusta National's 1995 Masters Tournement.  

After graduation, Daimian joined The Hombre Golf Course in Panama City Florida, which hosted the annual amature Nike Tour.

Daimian was promoted to Golf Course Superintendent with involvement in the preparation of the Senior PGA Nationwide Championship and The Georgia Cup (United States and British Amateur Championship).

2002 Daimian became Director of Agronomy at Timber Pines, a private 63 hole course which had 7500 members with over 1000 rounds per day.  Through an intensive program, Daimian drastically improved the health of the turf grass and improved the overall course conditions.

In October 2012 Daimian joined JRM Turf Technologies the leading manufacturer of Bed Knifes and Tines serviceing costal Golf Courses.

Daimian brings to FFT Turf extensive experience in maintaining A-1 A-4 Bent Grass, Penn Cross Bent grass , Ultradwalf, Tifdwarf, Paspallum,  St Augustine and Tifeagle Bermuda Grass plus his involvement in course preparations for multiple Nationally Televised Golf Tournaments. Attention to details is as an important part of his daily operations.